Foreign-Trade Zones Advantaqes 

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1. Reduces Cash Flow

2. Elimination of Merchandise Processing Fee for Cargo Exported From Zone

3. Defers Harbor Maintenance Fee

4. Eliminates U.S. Customs Duty Payments for Exported Merchandise

5. Reduces or Eliminates Custom Duties for Defective, Damaged, Obsolete, Waste & Scrap

6. Inverted Custom Duty Savings

7. Non-Dutiability of Labor, Overhead and Profit

8. Allows for Duty Avoidance for International Returns

9. Duty Elimination for Unused Spare Parts

10. Store to Defer U.S. Quota

11. Add Value to Product to Avoid U.S. Quota

12. Simplification of Import/Export Procedures

13. Quality Control

14. Eliminate Country-of-Origin Marking/Labeling Requirements

15. Additional Security

16. Inventory Control

17. Merchandise in an FTZ Pays no Duty

18. Exempt Inventory Taxes

19. Added Savings for 806/807 Program

20. Entireties Provision

21. Avoidance of Duty for Exhibited Merchandise

22. Reduced Storage Insurance Costs

23. Reduced Cargo Shipped Insurance Costs

24. Allowance of Zone-To-Zone Transfer

25. Temporary Removal Procedure

26. Antidumping/Countervailing Duties

27. Duty-Free Retail Containers

28. Potential Exemption of Compliance with Federal Laws

29. Enterprise Zone Coordination

30. Generalized System of Preferences Duty-Free Status

31. Transfer of Title

32. Utilization of General Accepted Accounting Systems for Inventory Control

33. Flexibility for Changing Regulations

34. Stages Duty Reductions

35. Potential Duty Reduction for Products of Communist Countries


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