PRPA Releases for Qualifications (RFQ) Document for Southport Marine Terminal Project

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) document inviting interested parties in the private sector to take a preliminary step to become a partner with PRPA in the development of Southport, a project to establish one or more new maritime businesses along the Delaware River. The RFQ is now available on the Southport Marine Terminal Updates page.

The PRPA Board of Directors will be overseeing the RFQ process, and shortly thereafter a Request for Proposals (RFP) process that together,port officials hope, will ultimately identify private sector partners to assist PRPA and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in developing the three parcels that comprise Southport.

Three waterfront sites collectively comprise the Southport complex: the Southport Marine Terminal site (119 acres); Southport West (75 acres) and the Pier 124 North Berth, a 1,132-foot finger pier. The Southport RFQ and RFP processes have been crafted to encourage a full range of maritime commerce cargo opportunities. With the Commonwealth’s support, PRPA has already completed substantial pre-construction and permitting work at the sites, in anticipation of privatedevelopment.

As well as the RFQ document, additional information on the Southport project is currently available on PRPA’s web site. Further information will be released and posted as the RFQ and RFP processes continue.

For more information:

The PRPA has established a webpage dedicated to the Southport Marine Terminal Project. The page has been established to be an interactive tool to provide all interested parties with real-time updates and relevant documents necessary for the project at it progresses.

Visit the Southport Marine Terminal Updates pageclick here.


All questions and inquiries about the Southport Marine Terminal Project should be directed to:
Kate Bailey, PRPA Director of Procurement at