PhilaPort Submissions of Qualifications in Response to PIDC’s RFQ Seeking New Development Partners for the Philadelphia Navy Yard

‘Navy Yard Logistics Center’

Project Point Person:

Angie Fredrickson, Esq.
Director of Business Development
3460 North Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134-6311
Direct: (215) 423-4608
Mobile: (562) 881-1915

The following information is information referenced in the document submitted in PhilaPort’s physical and digital submission document in which PhilaPort felt further photos/documentation/other information may be applicable. We hope this is helpful for your decision process. We do hope to become partners in the Mustin District Development and perhaps projects in the future. We feel that PhilaPort and PIDC can be great developers for the Philadelphia future and provide the region with a tremendous influx of opportunities and economic growth. We are appreciative of the consideration in this process and hopeful for future communications and plans for the future. 

Letters of Support

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below are Appendices mentioned in the PhilaPort SOQ document. Each Prompt has an Appendix in which you can find miscellaneous items associated with it. There are “toggles” / drop down items under the Appendix name which reference (1.) The Prompt associated; and (2.) the Page Number within the SOQ document on which it is located.


Specifically in regards to: The Mustin District, 97 contiguous acres of land that will allow the Navy Yard to expand upon the successes of the Navy -Yard Corporate Center, a premier hub for offices, R&D, life sciences, and other commercial facilities. This district includes a quarter-mile stretch of riverfront ideal for denser mixed-use development and will require the planning and development of new infrastructure and an appealing public realm.

→ Appendix: Prompt 1

Navy Yard Logistics Center Development Strategy

Appendix: Prompt 2

Relevant Experience

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Appendix: Prompt 3

Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

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Appendix: Prompt 4

Past Experience – Mustin District Infrastructure and Phasing Requirements

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Appendix: Prompt 5

Land Use and Development Plan, Placemaking Experience, and Community Partnerships

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Appendix: Prompt 6

Master Planning Experience and Approach to Navy Yard Joint Planning

Referenced in Prompt 6

Appendix: Conflicts of Interest

“Conflict of Interest, #2”: The current PIDC and PhilaPort agreement in place in reference to SouthPort Auto Terminal.