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OpenCamera1 August 2016 • MSC Sofia Celeste

August 3, 2016— Docked at the Port of Philadelphia’s Packer Avenue Marine Terminal

MSC Sofia Celeste (left), SeaLand Stadt Gera (right) - at Port Philadelphia's Packer Avenue Marine Terminal

Sizing up—

(Pictured left to right)

MSC Sofia Celeste: 8819 TEU

• SeaLand Stadt Gera: 1296 TEU

Before, Stadt Gera would have been one of the standard sized vessels to call the Port of Philadelphia. The arrival of the Neo-Panamax Sofia Celeste certainly shows the continued progress of the Port of Philadelphia and where the future is headed. With the completion of the Delaware River deepening in 2017, and the next steps of the Southport Marine Terminal project in the near future, things can only get better in Philadelphia!

Read more about the First Neo-Panamax Shipping Vessel Calling the Port of Philadelphia in our News section.

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