Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market Recycling Program

Environmental Stewardship

Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is an environmentally conscious facility, and was constructed with state of the art, energy-efficient materials that are conducive to supporting a healthy environment.

Adjacent to the main market building is an 18,000 square-foot recycling and waste processing facility. This allows efficient, environmentally-friendly cardboard, pallet and plastic recycling, as well as sanitary and efficient discharge of organic waste. Throughout the day, market staff moves waste materials to our freestanding recycle building as one of many measures to assure tidy cleanliness in the main market building.

The PWPM sends about 10 tons of wet waste per day to a compost facility. A separate waste management building at the market separates all cardboard, shrink-wrap, crates and other wooden materials, plastics and clamshells. In total, about 85 percent of its waste is recycled, and the market sends one 48- to 53-foot trailer per week of packaging materials to a recycling center. All of PWPM tenants participate in the waste program.

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Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market RecyclingProgram