Southport Marine Terminal Complex

Southport will be the first major marine terminal expansion of the Port of Philadelphia in over 40 years.

This page has been developed to provide information about the Southport Marine Terminal Project. Please check back frequently for updates and relevant documents necessary for the project as it progresses. Thank you.

Project Overview

PRPA’s Public-Private Partnership

PRPA is seeking to partner with one or more private developers who will: (i) Design and Build industrial/commercial revenue-generating facilities on the Southport Sites; (ii) Finance all or substantial portion of the initial capital costs of the Project through private equity and debt and use revenues to fund the O&M period and (iii) Operate and maintain the facilities (including all lifecycle work) under a long-term leased-based contract.

All facilities/activities must be permissible under PRPA’s statute and promote maritime commerce.

Overview of the Opportunity

The three sites located at the Southport Marine Terminal Complex are available and are included in the scope of this Project. They are: (1) Southport Marine Terminal, “Site 1”; (2) Southport West Terminal, “Site 2”; and (3) Pier 124 North Berth, “Site 3”. Collectively, Site 1, Site 2 and Site 3 are referred to as the “Southport Sites”.

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RFP Addenda

RFQ Addenda

Project Timeline

→  September 23, 2015 ›
 Southport RFQ released

Request for Qualification (PDF) released (9/23/15).

→  January 19, 2016 › Short-list Respondents announced

Short-listed Respondents (PPT) added (1/19/16).
Short-listed Respondents (Press Release) released (1/21/16).

→  February 29, 2016 › RFP issued to Short-list Respondents

Request for Proposals (PDF) issued (2/29/16).

→  4th Quarter 2016 › Developer(s) to be Selected

→  Year 2017 › Construction Commencement

Latest Updates

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Media Section

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All questions about the Southport Marine Terminal Complex Project should be directed to:

Kate Bailey
Director of Procurement
(215) 426-2600

Relevant Reports and Documents

Permits and Drawings

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ACOE Permit – ACOE permit for dredging, filling, and construction activities associated w/ Southport Project. (4/16/2013)

PA NPDEDS – PADEP approval for NPDES permit for stormwater discharge w/ Southport Project. (4/5/2013)

Water Obstruction – PADEP approval for water obstruction and encroachment permit. (4/5/2013)

NPDES Permit Drawings, G-1 Cover Sheet with Drawing List (Rev. C) – Cover sheet and drawing index for NPDES permit drawings. (12/6/2012)

NPDES Permit Drawings, G-3 Pre-Development Plan (Rev. F) – Pre-development plan showing wetland delineations and regulated water of the US and PA. (8/28/2012)

NPDES Permit Drawings, G-4 Post-Development Plan (Rev. F) – Post-development plan with impacts to wetlands and regulated water of the US and PA. (8/28/2012)

NPDES Permit Drawings, G-5 Site Plan (Rev. C) – Site plan showing conceptual container terminal layout. (12/6/2012)

NPDES Permit Drawings, S-1 Overall Structural Plan (Rev. B) – Site plan showing conceptual pile layout and section lines for typical cross sections referenced below. (11/5/2010)

NPDES Permit Drawings, S-9 Typical East Wharf Cross Section (Rev. B) – Typical cross section of pile supported wharf. (11/5/2010)

NPDES Permit Drawings, S-11 Typical North Wharf Cross Section (Rev. B)– Typical cross section of pile supported wharf. (11/5/2010)

NPDES Permit Drawings, S-14 South Revetment Plan (Rev. B) – Plan depicting rip rap slope along southern limits of Southport Property and section lines for cross sections referenced below. (11/5/2010)

NPDES Permit Drawings, S-15 South Revetment Sections (Rev. B) – Revetment sections showing slope preparation and utility penetrations. (11/5/2010)

Southport Connector Road Development Plans, C-1 ̶ Cover Sheet (Rev. 06/10/2014) – Cover sheet and table of contents for Southport Connector Road Development Plans. (6/10/2014)

Southport Connector Road Development Plans, C-2 ̶ Overall Site Plan (Rev. 07/03/2013) – Site plan depicting Southport Connector Road layout and General Notes. (7/3/2013)

Eco-Enenrgy Distribution-Philadelphia, LLC Contract 1798 – Lease and operating agreement between PRPA and Eco-Energy Distribution-Philadelphia, LLC. (2/7/2014)