Tioga Marine Terminal Sees Very Busy Two Weeks


The marine terminals of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority are no stranger to bustling activity, as vessels from around the world are regular fixtures on the Delaware River waterfront, but Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) officials were particularly gratified by the level of activity at its Tioga Marine Terminal during the two weeks beginning on Monday, March 2.

Delaware River Stevedores, Inc. (DRS), operators of Tioga Terminal, report that during the course of the 10-to-12-day period beginning March 2, several vessels will be offloading cargo at the facility, with three vessels handling cargo at one time during March 8-10.

Cargoes arriving during the two work weeks will include project cargo on the Rickmers Tokyo; wood pulp cargoes from the Brazilian company, Fibria, arriving on the M/V Brassiana; and steel plates and project cargo arriving on the BBC Hudson.  Rickmers Line has provided regular services at the Tioga Marine Terminal for the past several years, and Fibria Celulose has been delivering its wood pulp cargoes to Tioga since last summer. Other vessel activity is also scheduled during the course of the two weeks.

“We enjoy seeing this level of activity, and are well equipped to handle it,” said DRS’s terminal manager Pat Kryszczak, one of the regular “troops on the ground” at Tioga. “With our new wood pulp account, days with multiple vessels are a more regular occurrence.”