US CBP Center for Agriculture and Prepared Products Director Visits PRPA

PRPA hosted Greg McCann of US Customsand Border Protection (USCBP) and several colleagues, Wednesday, June 10, 2015. Mr. McCann came to Port Philadelphia to learn more about the Greater Philadelphia port complex, which is the national leader in perishable foods, and to discuss the Center for Agriculture and Prepared Products. Operating virtually,this national network of USCBP experts will focus on agriculture imports, and share their expertise and best practice with ports throughout the USA.

It is one of USCBP’s Centers of Excellence and Expertise, which will allow customs to focus on industry segments (e.g., pharmaceutical products, base metals, automobiles). Using modern technology and communications, these Centers will allow greater uniformity and support higher standards among all US Ports.

(L-R)  Edward T. Moriarty, USCBP-Philadelphia Asst. Area Port Director, Tactical Operations; Greg McCann, USCBP Director of Agriculture & Prepared Products Center;  Dominic O’Brien, PRPA Sr. Marketing Representative;  Susan Thomas, USCBP-Baltimore Field Office Field Office Asst. Director Trade Operations; Hal Fingerman, USCBP-Philadelphia Dir. of Agriculture Operations