WTA Philadelphia US Customs CEE Event

At the World Trade Association of Philadelphia’s (WTA) Customs CEE Event, Gregory McCann gave an overview of the new US Customs Center for Excellence and Expertise (CEE) in Agriculture & Prepared Products. He pointed out several ways that the new Center will improve cargo flows while protecting the nation’s health and agriculture industry.

Although Mr. McCann is personally based in Miami, the CEE is virtual, leveraging USCBP experts around the country.

Ed Fitzgerald of OHL International stated, “The CEE’s ability to incorporate best practices, and improve information flow will help increase both CBP’s and the port trade’s productivity.”

PRPA’s Sean Mahoney commented, “Because food products are so important to the Port of Philadelphia, we are looking forward to working with the CEE to improve agriculture cargo flows via our port.”

Pictured (L-R): Stephen Brady, Acting Chief Agriculture Specialist for the Port of Philadelphia, US DHS, USCBP; Marie Strasser, Interim Director, Center of Food Marketing and Professional Development, Telephonic Research Operation, St. Joseph’s University; Sean Mahoney, Director of Marketing, Philadelphia Regional Port Authority; Leonard Shibilski, Jr. Warehouse/Logistics NA, Infiana, USA, Inc.; Joe Fox, Marketing Representative, Philadelphia Regional Port Authority