A Statement Regarding PhilaPort’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic from Executive Director & CEO, Jeff Theobald

The men and women of The Port of Philadelphia have been doing an extraordinary job supporting the USA’s vital supply chains for food, medical supplies, forest products, and other essential goods throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our longshore workers have been on the frontlines, unloading ships bringing needed supplies from around the world, and loading ships with American exports. We should all appreciate their important work, which provides much-needed items for our supermarkets and factories.  Extra health-care precautions have been instituted, and management has worked with labor on health education and operational changes to keep our workers safer.

The Delaware River port complex is #1 in the USA for the importation of fruits, vegetables, and meat, and among the nation’s leaders in dairy and other food categories. Our marine terminal operators and logistics providers have kept the docks working smoothly, getting healthy food to people throughout the Eastern United States and Canada.  These products are vital to our nation’s well-being.

The paper pulp that arrives at PhilaPort goes to factories in Pennsylvania and other states to make much needed personal hygiene products including napkins, paper towels, diapers, toilet tissue, and more.  Importantly, since the start of the crisis, some of these factories have converted part of their production to make medical face masks. The Department of Homeland Security has designated those involved with handling, producing, and transporting forest products as “essential,” because these goods are directly related to supporting a multitude of items within the supply chain, including food, pharmaceuticals, and emergency supplies.

In a similar way, we salute our partners in logistics – truckers, warehouse workers, freight forwarders, railroaders, and others in supply chain services – who keep the nation provisioned, either out on site or working from home.

Finally, PhilaPort staff and marine terminal management have been in constant contact with Federal and Commonwealth officials to strategize on how to keep our economy going while keeping our workers safe. These Federal and Commonwealth officials have been working overtime to get us through this crisis. And we will get through it – together.

Per Governor Wolf’s directives, our staff are diligently working remotely.  If you need to contact us, please e-mail us at marketing@philaport.com or call us at (215) 426-2600



Jeff Theobald
PhilaPort Executive Director and CEO

PRPA Logo (516)PhilaPort, The Port of Philadelphia, is an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania charged with the management, maintenance, marketing and promotion of publicly-owned port facilities along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, as well as strategic planning throughout the port district.  PhilaPort works with its terminal operators to modernize, expand and improve its facilities, and to market those facilities to prospect port users.  Port cargoes and the activities they generate are responsible for thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania.