Packer Avenue Marine Terminal

The Packer Avenue Marine Terminal is the premier container handling facility on the Delaware River and also works large volumes of automobiles, steel and project cargoes. Immediate access to two major rail yards and interstate highways ensure excellent – and fast – inland connections for PAMT’s customers. On-dock refrigeration is available.

Facility Overview:

Chassis Suppliers: Trac Intermodal tel. 888-688-6267;
Direct ChassisLink Inc. tel. 704-594-3718
Specialized Cargoes: Containers, steel products, frozen meat, fruit, heavy lift, project, paper
Terminal Area: 160 Acres (64.74 sq. hectares)
Number/Size of Berths: 6 Berths – 3,800 linear ft. (1,158.24 m.)
1 Ro/Ro – 800 linear ft.
Depth at MLW: 42 ft.
Number/Size of Storage Warehouses: 1 Dry/heated – 100,000 sq. ft. (9,300 sq. ft.)
1 Dry – 90,000 sq. ft. (8,364 sq. m.)
1 Refrigerated – 2,200,000 cu. ft. (61,600 cu. m.)
Reefer Plugs: 2,500
Cranes: 5 · Super post-Panamax container cranes (24 wide)
2 · Post-Panamax container cranes (17 wide)
Equipment: 29 Reach stackers: 95,000 lbs. (35,435 kg.)
5 Toploaders: 95,000 lbs. (35,435 kg.)
63 Forklifts: 3,000 lbs. (1,119 kg.) to 35,000 lbs. (13,055 kg.), 54 Yard hustlers
Trucking Information: 8-lane Container gate inbound
Separate gate for breakbulk cargo
6-lane Container gate outbound
LTL Gate Inbound, LTL Gate Outbound
52 Loading Docks
Highways: Immediate access to highways I-95 and I-76
Rail Connections: CSX, Norfolk Southern, CN
Other Features: Computerized container tracking system
Ocean container to domestic
Truck transloading; distribution

Greenwich Terminals, LLC
(215) 551-2600

(215) 426-2600

3301 S. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Delaware River at Packer Avenue –
S/O Oregon Avenue
Pier Entrances:
  • Container Gate/North Gate
  • Breakbulk Gate/South Gate— S/O WWB
    on Access Road
Terminal Map


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